Askinosie Gingerbread Dark Chocolate

Quick Notes: 

  • warm spice
  • hint of ginger heat in aftertaste
  • rich and bittersweet

I love the idea of seasonal dessert chocolate flavors like peppermint, pumpkin spice and gingerbread, but so often it’s a sickly-sweet white chocolate with artificial flavor and color.

I already expected more from Askinosie as a quality chocolate company, and I was really excited to find a seasonal flavor in dark chocolate! The gingerbread bar starts with a high quality bittersweet dark chocolate, and the gingerbread effect comes from warm spices and ginger that definitely bring to mind winter and holiday treats in a subtle way that complements rather than competing with the chocolate.


As you eat the chocolate, the spices (cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, clove) come through first, delivering the cozy feeling the bar’s packaging promises (by the way, I appreciate that they created some holiday packaging for this seasonal bar) and a little heat from the ginger appears toward the end and lingers in the mouth for quite a while afterward in just the right amount. If you enjoy chili chocolate or Aztec hot chocolate, or even if you like the concept of spicy chocolate but are worried about a level of spice that overpowers other flavors, I think you’ll enjoy the balance of bitter, sweet (from cane sugar) and spicy in this bar.

Overall, I will definitely be eating and gifting this bar for the holidays. I also purchased some of the Askinosie peppermint bark to try soon!

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