La Colombe Peppermint Mocha Draft Latte

I love La Colombe coffee, but I generally haven’t been able to stomach bottled/canned flavored lattes since I was twelve and pure sugar was my favorite flavor, so my expectations for this canned latte beverage were mixed.

On first taste, the sweetness of the drink was very light and not at all syrupy. The milk is actually frothy as promised (how do they do it?) and both the peppermint and chocolate flavors came through. The drink overall was very light in both taste and texture and the flavor element seemed to be from natural ingredients. The sweetness level and texture are completely on point as is the balance of peppermint and chocolate.

Two major downsides: first, although the peppermint mocha flavor wasn’t heavy, I could barely taste the coffee- possibly this has something to do with using cold pressed coffee instead of espresso in the drink, but it was disappointing because I do like to have a strong coffee flavor come through even in a flavored and sweetened beverage. Second, while the first sip was fine, an unpleasant aftertaste began to build in my mouth that caused me to hand the remainder over to my boyfriend (for the record, he says he doesn’t taste it)

Overall the unpleasant aftertaste I experienced made this a miss for me although to be fair, I haven’t tried their plain draft latte so I can’t determine whether this is an issue with one particular flavor or the line overall. If you usually enjoy their draft latte, maybe take a chance on this one and compare? I wouldn’t purchase this particular beverage again but I would still be interested in seeing a peppermint/chocolate or other seasonal flavor beverage without milk from La Colombe.

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