Fun find: Trader Joe’s Eggnog Greek Yogurt

After seeing this product on instagram, I had to look for it in my local Trader Joe’s. I’ve been keeping an eye out for holiday greek yogurts but I never even thought about eggnog, although as a creamy drink I guess it’s an obvious choice.

Trader Joe’s eggnog greek yogurt is exactly what it promises to be. It’s not a greek yogurt with some kind of weird artificial eggnog flavoring. It’s literally just strained yogurt with egg, sugar, and nutmeg.

The texture is a little thinner than some greek yogurt, more like something in between classic yogurt and your average strained yogurt. The taste resembles real eggnog as closely as I think a yogurt can, and while it does obviously taste like yogurt instead of cream, using whole milk avoids the bitter taste that can accompany nonfat yogurt – this in turn makes the flavor closer to the sweetness of cream and prevents the necessity of too much added sugar.

Overall, like real eggnog, this isn’t a yogurt I can eat gallons of, but I will buy more to enjoy throughout the holidays! Maybe over granola on Christmas morning?

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