Christmas List 2017

I know everyone is looking for Christmas gift ideas, to give or to ask for, so I decided to publish my personal gift list, saved as a draft in my email for whenever a friend or relative says “I’m lost, send me an idea for you.” It covers a variety of categories and price ranges, although if I had to identify a theme it would probably be: “I am always cold.”

Uniqlo Ultra Warm Down Jacket
xmas 1So far this pre-winter I’ve been wearing my sherpa fleece zip-up jacket with layers underneath. I know that’s not going to cut it as the weather gets colder (especially when I head to the ski slopes in January), so #1 on my list is a super warm down jacket. I chose this one from Uniqlo because it’s affordable and I trust their heat technology to actually keep me warm

Uniqlo Heattech Lined Legging Pants 

xmas 2

I’ll be honest, I’ve almost literally eliminated real pants from my life and I don’t feel bad about it. If you’re a fan of J.Crew’s Pixie pants, these pants are twice as warm and half the price. You’re welcome! They’re lined with a soft and insulating flannel and they fit super well which is something that, as a person with hips over 10 inches bigger than her waist, I have never said before about a  garment with the word “pants” in the name. I already own these pants in black (the color of most of my pants) but I’m feeling brave enough to branch out into a wild beige. And yes, I am obsessed with Uniqlo.

Classic Watch (Pictured: Skagen Slim Hald)

xmas 3

I actually don’t own a basic watch which was fine in my old job where I was always at a desk with a computer and a phone showing me the time. Now that I’m more on-the-move at work, I need a way to check the time without pulling out my phone in the middle of a conversation. Also, to be honest, I want sturdy wrist accessory. I have some nice bracelets but I’m not a gentle person and I want something that looks nice but doesn’t need to be fussed over. The best thing about a classic watch: you can find something attractive and functional at every price point.

Bath and Body Works: Twisted Peppermint

twisted peppermint

This is a simple gift idea. Almost everyone in the US knows about B&BW and I’ve always found it easy to just give someone a scent you like and let them choose the items. My personal favorite for the holidays is Twisted Peppermint. It’s so sweet and minty (the mint actually feels cool on your skin), and a refreshing departure for me as I usually go for muskier scents. Honorable mention to Vanilla Bean Noel- I’m especially enjoying the shimmer spray I picked up while black friday shopping.

Flannel Shirts! (Pictured: L.L. Bean Slim Fit)

xmas 5I’ve been really into flannel shirts lately. Not only are they warm, they’re also a perfect piece for me to wear both casually and at work. I have a casual dress code at my job, and while the collar and fit on a nice flannel shirt makes me seem slightly more put-together, the material is durable and comfortable. I prefer a slimmer, more tailored fit as a person with a curvier shape who doesn’t want to look like a box covered in tartan gift wrap. I also love VVs Cotton Cashmere tops like the one I mentioned here– not flannel, but similarly soft and durable with a slightly smarter look.

Large Planner (Lily Pulitzer)
planner 2I ask for a planner every year- that’s kind of the nature of a yearly planner, but seriously, the value of a planner that you’re excited to use can not be underestimated. I want something that makes me happy when I look at it so I want to write down (and check back in on) my events, tasks, goals and deadlines. Otherwise I’ll probably just let my entire life fall apart (not really kidding).

Fragrance (Tory Burch, “Love Relentlessly”)
tb lrBuying fragrance for someone else is risky- you really have to know what they want or it’s not worth it. However, if you know what a person wears, or if you’re looking for something to suggest for yourself, perfume is the perfect combination of practical and indulgent and it always runs out, so it’s hard to have too much. Lately, my favorite fragrance is “Love Relentlessly” from Tory Burch, which I found after choosing a generous sample as my Sephora reward. If you’re looking to choose a new fragrance for yourself, I’d recommend getting samples of what you’re considering so you can wear it for a while and see if it really works for you.

Teacups and Mugs (Featured: Plaid Alphabet Mug)
plaid-alphabet-mug-nI drink a lot of coffee and tea all year, but winter demands an increase in both- along with warm cider, hot chocolate, mulled wine….etc. Actually, I like to drink everything out of  a cozy mug in fall and winter, even cold drinks.

Less cozy but equally fun- a fancy teacup to elevate your afternoon (or any time) tea. I got this cute set last year. Side dish of gingerbread recommended.

Uniqlo Heattech Tees


I get cold easily, but sometimes I want to wear a thinner shirt and not have to cover it up with another layer (or two, or three). These have really been helpful for that and for staying warm in general as I spend a lot of time outside walking around the city. I mostly have the regular heattech but there are two warmth levels above it depending on your needs.

Boot Sockssocks

Most of my boots are duck boots so I’ve been wanting more thick, crew-length socks to wear with them. A good thick sock not only keeps your feet warm, it also makes boots more comfortable. If you wear more tall leather boots, a higher boot sock is better for you. The ones above are from Duluth Trading but you can find good socks at any outdoors store and I also saw some cute thick socks at Aerie.

Stocking Stuffers!
A quick list of my personal favorite stocking-stuffers this year:

  1. Clif Bars 
    I eat a lot of Clif bars, and the seasonal Gingerbread flavor is one of my all-time favorites!
  2. Gift Cards 
    This one is obvious. I ask for gift cards for Target, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Panera and Chikfila. Basic, but all of these places are a 5 minute walk from my apartment and I know I’ll use them.
  3. Chapstick
    I go through a lot of chapstick in the winter. Lately I’ve been using the mint julep flavor from Savannah Bee, but if your chapping problem is severe, Carmex is your best bet.
  4. Hand Sanitizer
    I like Bath and Body Works for this one too because the nice smells distract me from the fact that people keep coughing on me.
  5. My favorite Christmas Candies. 😉

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