Meat Free/Dairy Free DC – 2018 Masterpost

This is a growing list of available restaurant items that are both meat and dairy free (or can be made so) in Washington, D.C. The list exclusively features items that I have personally tried and liked! If you have a suggestion for a local offering I should try, please comment below!

Why don’t I describe these items as “vegan”? 



  • Eggplant & “Chicken” “Parmesan” – Coppi’s Organic
  • Tofu Pho (steamed or fried) with vegetables and vegetarian broth – Pho 14
  • Sakuramen vegetarian ramen – Sakuramen



  • Shrimp Fajitas with vegetables and guac – Judy’s 
  • Red curry with tofu- BeauThai (shrimp paste)


Why don’t I describe items that don’t contain meat, dairy, eggs or fish as “Vegan?” 
Veganism is a choice to abstain from all animal products. In addition to meat and dairy, this may include honey, dye made from insects, beeswax, insect-derived shellac, etc. Some of the items listed here may contain these ingredients, and therefore this list is meat free and dairy free, but not vegan. However, if a restaurant indicates that an item is fully vegan, I will indicate that with a (v).


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