Adventure Post: First Cherry Blossom Visit of 2018!

Yesterday afternoon, while much of DC was enjoying Easter with their friends and family, we made our first visit to the Cherry Blossoms! Living in DC, you might assume that we can see Cherry Blossoms every day in the spring, which is true, but there’s a certain ideal viewing area where the blossoms are most concentrated- basically around the tidal basin and other places down by the mall, museums, etc. In other words, Tourist Land. If you don’t work in one of the government buildings down there, you probably won’t spend a lot of time in this area without making a point of it. I find myself there maybe once a month when I want to visit a museum, attend a cultural festival, or enjoy a scenic walk. It’s also a good picnic spot- I’m planning one for next Sunday, when hopefully we’ll be even closer to peak bloom!

Here’s a map that shows the viewing areas.

cherry blossom map 2018

According to Cherry Blossom Watch, peak bloom 2018 is predicted to occur between April 8 and April 12. Still, as you can see, a lot have already bloomed as of yesterday!


I had to stand in a line to take a picture with this photo-perfect low hanging branch! It was fun to be with a bunch of people who mostly didn’t speak the same language at all laughing about how we were all trying to do the same thing.


This one’s my favorite:


lol 2

We also stopped by the food and gift tents down by the tidal basin, which is also where you can wait for ten years in the paddle boat line (the boats are fun though). They had t-shirts, pens, accessories, postcards- all the usual stuff, as well as typical festival food like funnel cakes, plus some Japanese street food and iced green tea. I was looking for a super tacky cherry blossom themed grandma crew neck sweatshirt but no luck, so I got this year’s cherry blossom pin for my coat instead.

lapel pin

There was also a festival information booth that included info about invasive insect species that can hurt the blossoms. An opportunity for me, an adult, to cover my body in temporary tattoos that look like real moths and beetles… and pick up a list of events happening throughout the festival.

I’m really excited to come back next week and suuuper excited for the big festival event in two weeks, which features a lot of Japanese traditional and pop culture. I’m going to try really hard to focus on appreciating traditional culture and food but there’s going to be







See you soon with more pics and finds, and keep sending me your recommendations!

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