Sakura Food Quest Episode #1: Traditional Japanese Candy

Happy Easter to all who celebrated yesterday, and welcome to the first Sakura food post of 2018! As the first stop on my search, I decided to look around Hana Japanese Market here on U street. They always have a great variety of snacks, prepared foods and baked goods (remind me to show you the CAT SHAPED ROLLS), and after eating 87 rice balls, I was excited to take home these traditional Japanese sweets from Shimane!

sakura candy hana market 2

Each candy is individually wrapped in a cute blossom paper. Inside, it’s a soft little dumpling. If I had to compare them to anything, they’re like a lighter, softer Turkish Delight- like the taste of Turkish Delight with the texture of a fresh homemade marshmallow.

individual close up

The sakura flavor is really subtle and delicate. As you’d expect, it’s both sweet and floral, but the sweetness is mild and the floral taste is even softer than I usually find in a rose or orange blossom flavored dessert. Each individually wrapped pillow has what appears to be a blossom petal inside, or else a concentrated spot of blossom flavor.

ind close detail

This is a really beautiful dessert. I enjoyed them with green tea but almost anything seems too strong in flavor to pair with these without overpowering them. Last year there was a wagashi booth at Sakura Matsuri, hoping to pick up some traditional sweets there this year too!


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