Adventure Post: Easter

Naturally, Easter started with me eating a bag of Reese’s eggs at 3 a.m. Then I went to sleep.

Thanks for reading!

basket 2.jpg
When the candy is on sale

Just kidding.

In addition to Reese’s eggs, I prepared and decorated some real eggs in advance. There are a million creative egg dying/painting ideas online but I tend to stick with my classic method- using dye tablets to apply bright or pastel colors and then adding a little character with a food-safe marker (I used a Sharpie, but you should probably use a food-safe marker).

Here’s the result of the dye (stage 1). I was pretty impressed with how well they turned out this year!

eggs 1

And here they are with my doodles added.

egg doodles all with desc

minchi eggs interest
The quality control process

egg favorites

My plan for Easter brunch was to create a cute picnic and eat among the cherry blossoms. However, it’s not warm at all, so we made a quick change to a buffet lunch at Mari Vanna, which was just as cute and a lot easier.

mari vanna course 1(2)

Borscht, pelmeni, herring under a fur coat, salad, cake, blini! And, I was careful to observe the rules of mimosa math.

1 = good

2 = ok

more = a level of suffering that seems really unfair

mari vanna dessert

After brunch we spent  a few hours catching up with friends and did some bulk grocery shopping at H mart. I can smell massive amounts of cantaloupe ripening as we speak – it’s too early for melon but I couldn’t resist. 🙂

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Look for more Sakura posts coming soon. Only one week until the festival!



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