Adventure Post NYC (Part 1): BT21 & Kbeauty

We went on a crazy day trip to NYC this weekend! Today I’m sharing our visit to the Line Store and shopping for Kbeauty in Koreatown. Next time I’ll share some pictures from my visit to the Cursed Child shop and more – it’s too much for one post!

From the beginning: my friend Rebecca and I + her friend/my new friend Thareesa decided to make a day trip to NYC, mostly to shop. We drove into Jersey from Virginia (where Rebecca and Thareesa both live) and then took a commuter bus from Edgewater to Port Authority.

It had been a while since I’d been in Times Square, or NYC at all. I forgot how amazing it is! From the skyscrapers and billboards to the diversity of people, cultures, food, shops, businesses, etc.,  NYC makes DC look like a bustling suburb. I don’t think there was a second when I wasn’t hearing at least three languages at once.

times sq

Our first stop in NYC was the LINE Friends store to shop the BT21 collection. For those who don’t know, LINE Friends is a shop that sells items featuring characters belonging to the popular messaging app, LINE. The characters (“LINE Friends”) appear as cute stickers you can send through the app.

Recently, Korean boy band BTS created their own set of characters/stickers for LINE, one character for each member plus a group character:


I was interested in increasing my TATA collection (the heart character created by Tae-hyung/V), and my friends Rebecca and Thareesa were picking up a variety of stuff for themselves and friends. LINE didn’t have everything in stock because people are going crazy over this collection, but there was still a lot! They have large and small pillows (although the small were out of stock, they still had them on display to tease us), house slippers, magnets, keychains, notebooks and folders, headbands, bags and more. They also had clothing but none of it was exactly my style, plus the sizing is limited. I’m hoping they come out with some patches so I can attach them to a plain tee or sweatshirt!

line store 3
You can see some of the BT21 collection to the right of this GIANT BROWN.
line store 2
And more in the background here. How cute is this mirror?
line store 1
Original TATA

I ended up getting the TATA headband and large plush keychain. I already have the large pillow, the magnet and the small plastic keychain from when Rebecca went to the store earlier this year.

tata 1.jpg

tata 2.jpg

Somewhat in keeping with a theme, Thareesa really wanted to visit Nature Republic for some special edition face masks, which turned out to be a great suggestion. We ended up visiting a few places in Koreatown, mostly for beauty, but we also stopped in a shop selling books, stationery and K-pop albums/merch.

ktown 1.jpg

If we had more time I would have loved to try out the Ktown restaurant scene but it was toward the end of the day and we had other stops planned before a longish trip home.

Ktown 2_2.jpg
Tous le Jours Korean bakery. There’s one of these and a Paris Baguette in Virginia as well. Maybe I’ll do a visit/review?

I got a cute Tonymoly lip gloss at Kosette Beauty Market and new face and eye creams at Nature Republic. At Korean Books and K-pop Music I picked up a Halloween Pusheen surprise box (Halloween is life!!) and some photo cards for a friend’s upcoming birthday.


tonymoly bunny gloss 2.jpg
if this isn’t me…
Pusheen says: “170 days until Halloween!”

I’m going to stop there for now- later this week I’ll post my pictures from the Cursed Child shop and Kinokuniya.

See you later for part 2!

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