St. Sophia Greek Festival 2018!

Sorry y’all, I meant to finish and publish this post weeks ago but I got really sick right after the festival and then I was playing catch-up. I figured it was still worth posting, so here it is- St. Sophia’s Greek Festival 2018!

St. Sophia Cathedral was completed in 1955, although the Church as a community has existed here since 1904. I don’t think it would be too biased of me to say that this is one of the most beautiful churches in the area, although I won’t enter into a battle with the Russians when it comes to iconography (have you seen St. Johns? Don’t tell Fr. Steve I said this).

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the inside of St. Sophia before we move outside for the festival!

church inside.jpg

church inside 2.jpg

We started with loukoumades, a.k.a. “Greek donuts” and a cup of coffee. These soft and very moist donuts are covered in honey and cinnamon- don’t leave without trying them!!

donuts 2

donuts 3

There were a lot of sweets available in the coffee tent as well, along with Greek coffee and your classic Nescafe frappe.

pastry 2

greek 1

greek coffee

After breakfast, we moved on to the vendors’ tent which featured hand crafts, Greek food (both imports and local artisan products), clothing and jewelry.

vendors 3
Most of these icons were donated by members of the church for sale.
vendors 2
Worry beads made by a local artist.

The festival was serving gyro, chicken souvlaki, pork souvlaki and vegetarian sandwiches, so we met up with some friends for lunch. Despite being hot and humid, it was nice sitting by the flower sale and enjoying some sun and fresh air after a week of rain beforehand.

festival tent 1
The grilling station!


Garden 2

garden 3

Garden 1

And that’s the festival! For more information about the church, next year’s festival, or other events held at St. Sophia, you can check the website at and follow the public facebook page.

Now that I’m feeling better, I look forward to publishing some reviews, recipes and event guides in the coming weeks. Until then, happy Sunday!

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