Candle Blending and Summer Scents

For other seasons, my candles are connected to memories. My autumn candles feel like crisp days, autumn foods, pumpkin picking, Halloween. In winter, it’s Christmas, mulled wine, evergreen, baked sweets. For summer and late spring, it’s hard to find something I like that actually feels like a warm-weather scent.

I’m still taking recommendations by the way- my boyfriend suggested sandalwood which was very smart- but right now my solution is candle blending.

The scents I truly associate with summer (things with names like “beach” and “rain forest”) tend to fall into the category of “fresh scents” – i.e. scents I like at first but end up reminding me of laundry soap and giving me a headache. However, the warmer fruit and coconut summer scents I use for soaps and lotions don’t quite trigger summer memories, which is what I want in a candle.

I found that if I mix (i.e. burn at the same time) a sweet, warm candle with a well-chosen fresh, green candle, they balance each other out. For example

candle blending

The notes on this lilac candle are lilacs, peony petals and green grass. The notes on the coffee candle are cinnamon, coffee and caramel (the cinnamon doesn’t come through so it’s not a spicy candle).

When blended together, the green candle cuts through the sweet candle’s heavy sugary quality while the warmth of the sweet candle covers the “fresh” (by which I mean laundry soap) quality of the floral candle. The combined effect is a true spring/summer memory for me- eating breakfast outside by a garden, planting flowers and drinking afternoon coffee in the shade, sweet grass!

If you’re like me, when choosing your fresh candle option, I’d choose something that smells more like “floral spa” than “flowers on a table”, if you know what I mean. Anything with rose or lily is usually bad for me. Sweet flowers like lilac and honeysuckle work well.

I’ll definitely be experimenting with this more in the future to recreate different spring and summer memories! …but on another note…

Some of the autumn scents are already available from Bath and Body Works and Yankee Candle! I already ordered two single wicks from B&BW- it’s coming!!

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