Autumn / Halloween Online- Update!

This updated post started with my realization that Bath and Body Works had more candles out, and turned into a crazy Fall-oween spiral as tips flowed in from every direction.

Let’s go!

Bath and Body Works – more releases! 

bbw fall 2018 appears

Beautiful sight, no?

I don’t remember where, but I saw a post this morning that suggested to me that Bath and Body Works had added even more fall items, and when I checked this afternoon, I found several autumn 3-wicks as well as hand soaps, room sprays, wallflowers and more (no body care yet). I hoping to find a 3-wick of Cider Lane (a new favorite scent for me this year, I had always neglected it) and it wasn’t there yet, but they did have a lot of return favorites- Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Leaves, Sweater Weather, etc.

The full available fall collection can be purchased online here – nothing in most stores yet. Since I know this is only the first release, I’m going to stick to purchasing the favorites I know I want and wait to check out others in store. I might also wait to see if there’s another packaging for Sweater Weather- I’m not a big fan of the blue-grey although it does suit the scent. (I’ll include what I ordered in a separate post.)

Overall most of the packaging is pretty nice this year, and I’m excited to see more (especially the Halloween repackaging later). I hope they have more than just Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin for body this year, although I do love both.


target concept images 07.19

I already made an initial post about the harvest and Halloween collection preview – some items available for pre-order. You can read that review here!


Michael’s has already added their fall collection to the top navigation, so you know they’re ready to go.

Lots of country kitsch, decorative pumpkins, wooden signs- the usual. I was happy with their pretty large selection of autumn leaf and berry garlands.

Michaels 07.19.18 garland

I only saw a few Halloween items – can’t wait to visit a store and see what’s in stock there.


Similar situation at Joann’s – lot of nice country kitsch for autumn – wood signs, some really nice wreathes. A lot of the items are in-store-only but maybe that will change later.

joann 07.19.18

joann 07.19.18 2

Didn’t see much for Halloween, but if you’re a creative type there are so many nice Halloween fabrics. I wish I knew what to do with them!

joann 07.19.18 3

Pier 1 

I saw a lot of Halloween youtubers talking about the amount of cute autumn and Halloween stuff at Pier 1, but it only just occurred to me to check online. There’s so much!

I’m a particular fan of the wreaths and table settings:

pier1 07.19.18 wreaths

pier1 07.19.18 dinner

Halloween is the real star here. So many cute things! I really really love the witch-themed stuff:

pier1 07.19.18 witch

pier1 07.19.18 witch 2

Big Lots

Big Lots is showing some cute Halloween home decor (not all available online yet). Again, I’m loving the witchy Halloween theme.

BL 07.19.18

I’m also liking the country-style autumn home decor, which is organized into collections.

BL 07.19.18 autumn

BL 07.19.18 autumn 2

Ok, I’m stopping myself there for now. In fact, for my safety, I’d better plan for store visits so my purchases will be limited to what I can carry home on the metro.

Things are getting exciting!

I haven’t forgotten about summer of course. Still some fun trips coming up and a lot of summer activities this weekend to keep me grounded in reality. Still. … it is coming soon… 🎃

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