It’s really coming you guys. As a matter of fact, it’s HERE. I was trying not to be that person, I was really going to commit to summer posts for at least the rest of July, but I’m an October baby and MY POWER IS GROWING BY THE SECOND.

I have MULTIPLE posts to make right now, but let’s start with the reason I can’t breathe- despite the fact that the air in my room carries the holy fragrance of an aged Pumpkin Apple candle: TARGET finally¬†announcing and previewing their Autumn and Halloween decor. Before we go any further, let’s just drink in this concept board, shall we?

Target 07.19.18 1

My entire personality was just expressed in three simple images???

This is a live reaction, folks.

Let’s talk about the images for a second.

Harvest. All the classic autumn elements, nothing radical, but a delightfully kitschy take. This isn’t glamorous autumn, this is homey autumn. This is craft fair autumn. This is AUTUMN AT THE BURROW. Look at those BOOKS. LANTERN. OWL.

Hallow’s Eve. This first image doesn’t tell us much. Classic orange and black. It’s not spooky, it’s cute. It’s tasteful but festive in a restored New England home. Carrying on the book theme. Not sure how I feel about those vultures but the suggestion of Victorian elements has me excited.

Dark Wonder. In case you were worried about the lack of darkness in this Halloween collection, it’s actually two collections. I see black and purple, my THEME. Creepy but modern? After seeing the two Halloween collections together, I’m thinking it’s going to resemble recent collections: mix of creepy and cute, orange and purple, heavy on the Victorian/Haunted Mansion vibes. I’m not mad about it.

I see some repeat items from previous years and some new items as well, just looking at the introductory images. Let’s get into the items, because actually only a small amount of things are available to view/pre-order right now. I’m starting to calm down.


Most of what we’re seeing so far is decorative pumpkins in a variety of sizes and textures. I already have a ton of these so I probably won’t get any more buy they’re cute and hold up well which is why I bought so many in the past.

Target 07.19.18 Harvest

We also see the cute dolls and lanterns from the header image. Considering a lantern but I think I’m going to look for a lantern-shaped candle holder instead for authentic glow. What I’m really interested in seeing is GARLAND, but nothing has appeared so far, although I did see some cute Halloween Bunting. I also can’t wait to see their full collection of autumn wreaths.

Hallow’s Eve.

Oh yeah. This is the good stuff.

Target 07.19.18 Hallows 1

Have we seen those etched pumpkins before? They feel very Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban, right? Or am I just obsessed with Harry Potter. Anyway, I never noticed them before and I’m loving the new (or new to me) design.

Also love the felt dolls, which I will have out from September to Christmas.

Target 07.19.18 Hallows 2

Also, I will definitely be inspecting this lantern in store to see if I can gut whatever electronics are in there and make it a candle burner.

Target 07.19.18 Hallows 3 lantern

Honestly, it’s so cute I’ll probably get it and use it either way.

Dark. Wonder.

100% shopping for all-year decor in this collection, because WILL YOU LOOK AT THIS? 

Target 07.19.18 DW couch


Ok, zooming out. though:

Target 07.19.18 DW 2

Those shelves? Is this even a Halloween collection any more or is it just my ideal home collection?

Focusing on the more Halloween-specific elements, I’m loving how totally weird they went with their collectible seasonal birds.

Target 07.19.18 DW 1

Some other standouts for me so far: Candelabra with orange and purple taper candles, super-cute bunting, and I’m not sure what I’d use a metal birdcage for but surely something??

Target 07.19.18 DW 3

Target 07.19.18 DW candles

WOW. This has been a wild ride. I’m looking at Halloween decorations, I’m smelling apples. I’m untouchable right now. The world is a good place. It’s finally time. Continue with me on this beautiful journey.

Yes, just in case you were wondering, I do know it’s July 19th.

Let’s finish off with a few more of these beautiful concept images. I didn’t even get into outdoor decor and costumes!! It’ll have to be another day. I’m overwhelmed!

target concept images 07.19

target concept images 07.19 2

Thank you for reading! If you see anything new pop up you better link me immediately.

Until then,


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