Cute (affordable!) Pottery Barn autumn/Halloween table collection

Clever old Facebook ads directed me to the cutest pumpkin/Halloween collection:

pottery barn interesting collection 7.21

pottery barn interesting collection 7.21_mug and bowls

It seems to be in the process of being released. Some items are ready to ship, some add to your cart but say coming soon, some won’t add at all.

The best part: with the exception of the large serving bowl and the cauldrons, every piece is $7 right now!

This collection isn’t being featured in a central place right now and it was kind of hard to find them as some of the items refused to come up in a search. At first I thought they didn’t even have a listing for most things but eventually I was able to find everything in the image and I’ll link them now to save you the time:

Pumpkin (or cat, or mummy) mug

Pumpkin plate

Pumpkin bowl

Jack-o-lantern (or cat, or mummy) appetizer plate

Pumpkin serving bowl 

Candy Cauldron 

Mini hanging cauldrons set of 3 

That candy cauldron is totally absurd. Sure, it’s really cute, but It’s literally a $100+ candy dish. I can’t even imagine spending that much on non-functional faux-cookware! Not recommended for heat or liquids????? IT’S A CAULDRON!!!!! Besides, I’d prefer a black one.

On the other hand, their set of three mini-cauldrons is a bit more approachable at under $50 right now, and I could see it being a cute vessel for incense or maybe even tealight candles? Or honestly, a desk organizer? It says it’s for condiments but I can surely think of a better use for something almost impossible to reach into gracefully.

I really love the look of this collection, especially the pumpkin items. I’m in the market for OTT autumn dinnerware and I’m hoping to see more Halloween items as well. Maybe a cauldron bowl? I have some from C&B a few years ago but I could use some new ones.

The best items from PB are the functional ones.  Avoid the tchotchkes, which you can get at Target unless you’re just soooo particular about vase fillers, and go for the well-designed functional basics.

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