Three NEW autumn candles from Bath and Body Works

I had already ordered most of my favorites online (by the way, as of right now autumn body care has been released on the B&BW website), but I had time to stop into the store yesterday to smell the new candles. I ended up leaving with three new scents: Blueberry Maple Pancake, Pumpkin Peanut Brittle and Caramel Apple.

blueberry pancake

Blueberry Maple Pancake

I don’t think this is an autumn candle at all, but it’s a great late summer candle for those of us who aren’t as into the beachy and fruity scents. I definitely associate blueberries with July and I LOVE blueberry pancakes. Smelling it cold, it smells like straight blueberries turned up to 1000000, like some crazy berry scent from the 90s. Burning, it’s so much better. It really smells like blueberry pancakes on the griddle. It doesn’t really smell like maple syrup, but it does sort of bring to mind the way it tastes to eat maple syrup. I guess blueberry reminiscent-of-maple pancake would be too much for the jar. Anyway, this is a foodie scent I’d be happy to enjoy all summer and into autumn, and I may have to buy another one to save for next year!

peanut brittle

Pumpkin Peanut Brittle

When I saw this scent online, I wasn’t that interested in anything peanut for autumn, but after watching a review on Hearth and Soul I was eager to smell it in-store. This is a really delicious candle. It has all the elements of peanut brittle -peanut, caramel and butter- with just a little bit of spice. Not only was I surprised about how delicious and cozy a peanut scent could be, I was also surprised how well it fit into the autumn collection. The buttery peanut reminds me of a cute little downtown sweet shop making fresh peanut brittle and pralines while the spice note brings an autumn mood without making it a spicy candle. Plus, I can definitely see peanut brittle fitting in alongside kettle corn, caramel apples and apple cider donuts at a fair or market!

caramel apple

Caramel Apple

I’m sure they’ve had a caramel apple candle before but I don’t think I’ve ever purchased this particular one before, so it’s new to me. I didn’t think I’d go for this one because one of my go-to favorites, Cider Lane, is essentially a caramel apple candle, but this one is actually very different. Cider lane smells like a caramel apple outdoors in autumn- the caramel apple is mixed with other common autumn notes to create a complete memory. Caramel Apple is much more straightforward- it smells like granny smith apples dipped in caramel, no more and no less. That said, I really like this candle. I think it’ll be a good balance to my heavy October candles and I am definitely not mad about smelling a caramel apple in the fall.

What I didn’t buy.

I spent a lot of time smelling the autumn candles before deciding which ones I actually wanted to go home with. I took advantage of the buy-two-get-two to purchase these three along with Leaves, which is a returning favorite I knew I would want later in the season.

I’m not a fan of some of the sweet scents, despite being a foodie candle person. I’m not into pumpkin cupcake, not into any of the mostly marshmallow scents, not into anything that’s 99.9% vanilla with a hint of something else, at least not for this time of year. Also not into chocolate scents, floral scents or cologne scents. I did like some of the citrus and cranberry-forward candles but I’ll return for those later as we approach November. I want to try Campfire Pumpkin but they didn’t have it in my store yet. And I’m still hoping for that 3 wick Cider Lane!

By the way, does anyone think Sweater Weather smells different this year, or did my nose just change? I used to be a fan even though it’s not a typical choice for me, but this time I really disliked the scent on cold sniff and that combined with the unappealing color scared me away from getting it. If anyone burns it, let me know! And let me know your favorites from the new collection.

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