August Candle Favorites (Pre-Autumn)

Obviously I can’t wait until actual autumn to start burning autumn candles. Partly because I’m impatient for my favorite time of year, and partly because I have so many autumn candles that I have to start in August to get through them all by Christmas.

Memory-evoking autumn scents are a really important part of my seasonal celebration. For August moving into September, I favor a lot of apple scents. Apple is a summer-appropriate fruity scent that both builds and satisfies my craving for the next season.

yankee macMacintosh (Yankee Candle)

This is a really straightforward candle – it smells like apples, but in a really authentic way. It smells exactly like cutting into a fresh, in-season apple. Some of my August picks are just me trying to find autumn candles that are passable in summer, but this candle is truly a summer-into-autumn candle because apples are a summer-into-autumn harvest, and there’s no spice or caramel involved here.

pumpkin apple

Pumpkin Apple (Bath and Body Works)

This has been one of my earliest burns for years. The apple, which is fresh apple rather than baked, is the primary note. It smells crisp and very juicy, but not tart. You do get more of something else (pumpkin?) after it burns for a while, and a little bit of clove skews the mood more toward autumn than late summer, so it’s not a candle I’d be in the mood for after a day at the pool. It really feels like that last part of summer when you start to smell a hint of autumn on the breeze and delicious apples become abundant.

cider lane

Cider Lane (Bath and Body Works)

This is more of a caramel apple candle than an apple cider candle. It smells like tart apples covered in rich caramel- so well balanced and really authentic-smelling. It’s such an essential autumn candle, bringing back instant memories of pumpkin patches, country fairs and October nights. At the same time, because the tart apple comes through so strongly and the spice is more of a mood than a heavy note, it feels appropriate even in late summer.

pumpkin waffle

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles (Bath and Body Works)

This genuinely smells like waffles or pancakes with butter and maple syrup. Not really sure I can specify what a pecan smells like but there is a nutty smell here. Doesn’t really smell like pumpkin, so this is a candle I can burn all year and one of my favorite B&BW bakery scents of all time.

Speaking of breakfast, Blueberry Maple Pancakes (which is a new autumn candle but not part of the pumpkin collection) is another candle I’m loving for late summer… really more for July but I got it toward the end of July so I’m burning it into August. It doesn’t have any autumn elements but it is very cozy!

I’ll be honest, I went a long time without trying any new candles outside of my reoccurring favorites! This year is the first time in about three years that I’ve made a real effort to actually purchase and burn new and new-to-me scents, starting with a few new candle purchases from the B&BW fall collection. I plan to continue branching out throughout the autumn and winter seasons – and who knows, maybe I’ll actually buy some summer candles next year! Until then, I’m excited to finish out this summer and transition into the next season.

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