Fall 2018 Bath and Body Works Review/Haul – Body Care (first release)!

I went to Bath and Body Works the other day to get a couple of travel size items for an upcoming trip and to smell the new autumn fragrances in person. I ended up going home with a lot more autumn than I expected!

There are some returning favorites, but I’ll start with the new:


Crisp Orchard Leaves

I wasn’t sure if I would like this one, and definitely didn’t expect to purchase it, but I ended up loving it when I smelled it in store! It’s a pear scent primarily, maybe a little bit of apple. It does smell really fresh and light, which I guess is the “crisp part.” I would compare it to the fresh note in Sweet Pea. The scent is lightly sweet but not sugary. There’s something a little more heavy/woodsy here, just enough to give a little bit of an autumn feel, or at least to distinguish this pear scent from similar spring fragrances. There’s no spice at all.  Overall, this scent feels fresh, outdoorsy, and appropriately autumnal- good for someone who doesn’t like heavy sweet scents or musk.



Champagne Apple and Honey

I thought this would be similar to Country Apple, and it is, but it’s not exactly the same. The “champagne” element comes through first, and it’s the same champagne note in all the other fragrances described as champagne, so if you like those, you’ll find the same element here. Following that, you get an apple that is very similar to country apple- not particularly authentic and a lot of apple blossom, but not unpleasantly floral. I generally like country apple, possibly because of 90s nostalgia. Lastly, you get a honey-like sweetness that serves to make the “apple” a lot more juicy. Although it’s not authentic apple, the fragrance is pleasant and well-balanced. It’s not my favorite in the fall collection, but I ended up bringing home a body wash and lotion set to use until September as a transition fragrance.

And now, a fragrance we all already know and either love or hate:



Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte

I am firmly in the camp of MPL lovers, but I always love a musky scent for body care so it would have been hard for them to lose me on this one. For anyone who doesn’t know or doesn’t remember: this doesn’t smell like pumpkin or a latte. MPL has the same marshmallow note as other BBW marshmallow fragrances combined with pumpkin spice (but not heavy spice like Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin) and a lot of musk. No real pumpkin to be found of course. At this point, I’m not sure if this scent conjures autumn memories because it smells distinctly autumnal or because I’ve been wearing it every autumn since it’s original release. It doesn’t scream autumn in the way my candle fragrances do, but I get vanilla and caramel (not too sweet), musk, and a suggestion of spice which makes it a great combination for me- a good companion to autumn. My boyfriend smells orange in this, and there may be a citrus element although I didn’t pick it up until he pointed it out. Again, as an autumn-obsessed musk-lover, this one is a must for me every year.

I also got some hand soaps while they were $3. The only new one I got was Afternoon Apple Picking, which is a nice apple/pear scent with a little bit of spice.

I didn’t get

soaps 2

But wait, there’s more…

There are two additional fragrances in the new fall collection: Bright Autumn Blooms  and Whipped Vanilla Spice.

I had some hope for Whipped Vanilla Spice, but it’s not as spicy nor as gourmand as the name suggests. It’s not very sweet, the vanilla is light and the spice is barely to be found. Overall, just not what I wanted.

I didn’t expect to like Autumn Blooms because I don’t like flower scents. It was actually very light, definitely not overwhelmingly perfumey as I feared. Still, just not really into florals as a dominant note so I passed on this one.

Last but not least… Anyone else wondering about Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin? Signage in the store announced another product drop August 27th, so I’m hoping to see it then. Maybe they’ll release it only in the Halloween Packaging, which I’d be fine with. I almost bought the only SSP bath item they had in store, which was a bath bomb, but I thought I might pass out if I sat too long in a steamy, cinnamon spiced bathroom.

pumpkin man

Now about what I actually went in for, which, if you can still remember, was travel size summer fragrance for my vacation: I was hoping to see something like the wine country collection they did in the past. Instead, they went with rose, which I just cannot do.

Does anyone associate late summer with rose? I thought wine country seemed more appropriate, but a berry collection would also have been nice.

Anyway, I’ll be looking for that second drop at the end of the month. Anyone have a new favorite from this collection?

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