Burn Book: September Candle Favorites

It’s almost September! I’m getting ready to put up my autumn decorations and increase my Autumn Mood via candles. Here are my favorites for September this year:

cinnamon pumpkin

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin (Bath and Body Works)

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin is a classic autumn smell for me. It doesn’t smell like autumn, but it smells the way craft stores smell in autumn. It reminds me of cinnamon brooms and country stores. Some of my spicier scents feel like cold-weather candles- the kind of thing you want to burn on a cool, crisp day, but this is a spice-heavy candle I’m happy to burn even in warm September. It doesn’t really smell like pumpkin, but there is a vanilla sweetness that balances the spice.

yankee apple pumpkinApple Pumpkin (Yankee Candle)

This is not the same candle as BBW Pumpkin Apple! Again, it’s more apple than pumpkin, if it is pumpkin at all. This apple is sweet and baked, like apple pie, with all the accompanying butter and sugar. There is a little bit of a fresh apple as well, which adds some complexity and balance.

Like Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Apple Pumpkin reminds me of something I would smell at a country store in autumn!

peanut brittle

Pumpkin Peanut Brittle (Bath and Body Works)

This really could have been included in August Candles, but I hadn’t burned it enough yet to be sure where to place it. As I said in my original review, it fits surprisingly well into an autumn collection. I can definitely see peanut brittle alongside kettle corn, caramel apples and apple cider donuts at a fair or market, and there’s a hint of spice that brings an autumn mood to a mostly foodie candle. At the same time, I associate the caramelly, buttery peanut smell with waterfront sweet shops, which is why I burned it while preparing for my end-of-summer beach trip. I would recommend this as a great transition candle, especially if you live somewhere where warm weather lasts well into September. In addition, the throw on this candle is really strong!

caramel apple

Caramel Apple (Bath and Body Works)

The scent here is pretty straightforward – it smells like a caramel apple. There is more caramel here than in Cider Lane, and it’s a different caramel, more like caramel candies. Caramel Apple also lacks the clove that comes through in Cider Lane. Anyway, caramel apples are an essential autumn treat for me and this is another perfect candle to burn when the weather is still a little warm but you’re deep into Autumn Mode.

yankee autumn in the park

Autumn in the Park (Yankee Candle)

I start burning this candle later in September or on particularly cool days. I always have a hard time describing the scent. It’s an apple candle first- true, fresh apple just like Macintosh. There’s a little bit of spice, too, and something woodsy/outdoor. To me, this candle really does suggest walking through the park on a cool autumn day. Maybe I’m drinking some warm spiced apple cider, I’m smelling the fallen leaves, the air is crisp. One of my best friends turned me onto this candle years ago and to me, it’s the ultimate outdoorsy autumn candle.


I’m sooo excited for September to start, and even more excited about the cool breezes I’ve been feeling lately. I went into the Disney Store yesterday and there was so much Nightmare/Not So Scary Halloween stuff! And pumpkin flavor coming out left and right- I’ll do a review of some of those coming up. What are you getting excited about for September? I’m totally out of control!


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