Simple Decor: Halloween Tree

Don’t underestimate the decorative use you can get out of a standard artificial tree! It’s a perfect festive foundation from early fall through the end of winter, and if you’re really creative, all year long.

They’re called evergreen trees because they’re supposed to be there all the time!

Today we’re featuring a Skellington classic: the Halloweentown Fir.


You can get a variety of black trees (this one MOVES!!!!!!!!!), but this post is about how to make a BASIC Halloween tree with any artificial Christmas tree you already have (for those of us who don’t have the storage space for one tree let alone two or more!)

I’ll probably add additional elements to my tree in October (mini jack-o-lanterns? Halloween candy canes?), but I’m trying to pace myself by featuring autumn leaves and warm lights for September.



  1. Halloween Lights
    I used two strands each of purple and orange lights with black wire. I got mine at Target last year but you can get them at most major craft stores or online. There are also candy corn lights which I think would be super cute on a trick-or-treat themed Halloween tree! I brought the purple lights all the way up the tree from the bottom and then applied orange lights from the top down (no reason for this order), wrapping the lights loosely about each branch.
  2. Classic BaublesI chose a two-color theme of orange and purple (my favorite fall combination) and found this package of orange black and purple baubles at Michael’s that worked perfectly. I got one package of large baubles and one small, same color scheme. Hang them as evenly as possible across the visible portion of the tree.
  3. Autumn Leaves
    I was inspired to do this by my grandmother, who ties tiny red velvet bows to the ends of her tree branches for Christmas. Leaves add a pop of color and a distinctly autumn mood 🙂 Just pick up some fabric leaf table scatter at any craft store. Use the leaves to fill in holes and plain areas, spreading them as evenly as possible.
  4. The Bow
    Some people top their Christmas trees with stars or angels, but I’ve always been a fan of the bow top, so I decided to do the same for Halloween. You can get pre-made autumn and Halloween bows at Michael’s (because of course you can) but I decided to buy a length of striped Jack-Skellington-esque ribbon and make one myself. the technique I used was basically a loose bow tie knot with extra loops for a fuller bow. (Note: They didn’t have a bow like this at my local store when I went, but if you don’t want to make one you can actually buy a similar bow using the same ribbon for only $5 more!)



All done! This tree can be left as-is or taken to the next level with additional spooky pieces. I already have a million ideas but I wanted to share my basic design for those looking to start an autumn or Halloween tree from scratch and on a budget (you can probably get everything needed for under $50).

If you prefer,  give it more of a general fall theme using autumn florals, pumpkins, or some kitschy food ornaments. Please show me your results if you do put up a Halloween, autumn or any other seasonal tree!

Happy decorating!

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